Emanuel Pirker

This blog is the private website of Emanuel Pirker. It contains pictures and trip reports from various outdoor adventures, mainly in California’s Sierra Nevada, the Cascades, and the European Alps. I live now in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, so my activities are more centered around the US-West region and have been living there for several years now. Before that, I used to live in the southern Carinthia/Kärnten region of Austria, where I still frequently travel to for both business and private reasons.


My company Stratodesk develops and markets a so-called VDI endpoint solution – if you are familiar with the concept of Desktop Virtualization, Server Based Computing or “Remote Desktop” in general, this is easily explained: We save customers the expense of buying Thin client hardware and eliminate the need to maintain local Windows operating systems, pay for antivirus etc. If you are not familiar with that – think of it as taking the intelligence from indidividual PCs – convert them into ‘dumb terminals’ – and putting them in one big machine in your datacenter. Consequently this makes administration so much easier. Who needs this? Large and medium organizations, companies, governments, hospitals, everyone who is responsible for a relatively large number of PCs.

Our software runs on all types of hardware, PCs, Thin Clients and even the Raspberry Pi – an inexpensive ARM-based type of computer. The latter is interesting because it is our software that makes the Raspberry Pi “enterprise” ready. We have the OS and the management software that allow this to be used by large enterprises and governments around the globe.

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The private activities you can learn about here are centered around two areas: Outdoor sports and flying. In terms of outdoor sports I consider myself mainly a mountain climber. I enjoy “alpinism” much more than pure climbing. What is the difference? Well, I love to climb mountains. I want to get to the summit, deal with a multitude of situations, rock, snow, ice, weather, distance, elevation – think crampons and ice axes. Backcountry skiing – using your skis with climbing skins to ascend and then, in downhill mode, to descend, somewhere in the backcountry far from any ski resorts – is my favorite. Finally, since I can not travel to the mountains all the time, I enjoy running and cycling (road bike) and general fitness (circuit training).


Completely different from the mountaineering is my flying passion. I am an instrument-rated private pilot (FAA PPL). The private pilot certificate means I can fly certain airplanes – such as the four seat Cessna 182. Since I also hold an instrument rating, I can fly according to instrument flight rules (IFR) like the big boys, i.e. get from A to B on “airways”, the highways in the sky, and fly through the clouds (which is, if you do it first time, a little bit unnerving).

Emanuel Pirker
Emanuel Pirker